Issue 92 (May 2020)

This issue contains: Cover Story, Not Just for Kids: The Graphic Novel and Historical Fiction  |  by Hugo Frey Historical Fiction Market News, a ...Read More

HNR Issue 91 (February 2020)

This issue contains: Cover Story, Oh, Canada!: Understanding a Nation Through Its Historical Novels  |  by Lee Ann Eckhardt Smith Historical Fiction Market News, ...Read More

HNR Issue 90 (November 2019)

This issue contains: Cover Story, History Rhymes: The Function & Importance of Historical Fantasy   |  by Kristen McQuinn Historical Fiction Market News, a column ...Read More

HNR Issue 89 (August 2019)

This issue contains: Cover Story, Dazzle with Delight: the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction and the James Tait Black Memorial Prizes |  by ...Read More

HNR Issue 88 (May 2019)

This issue contains: Cover Story, Indian Historical Novels: Origin and Evolution of Historical Fiction Written by Indians in English |  by Waheed Rabbani Historical ...Read More

HNR Issue 87 (February 2019)

This issue contains: Cover Story, Australian Historical Fiction: Indigenous Origins, Colonialism, and Diaspora |  by Elisabeth Storrs Historical Fiction Market News, a column with ...Read More

HNR Issue 86 (November 2018)

This issue contains: Cover Story, Pitch Perfect: William Boyd’s ode to the rollercoaster of life and love, Love Is Blind  |  by Lucinda ...Read More

HNR Issue 85 (August 2018)

This issue contains: Cover Story, Mysteries of Creation: The 200th Anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein |  by Bethany Latham Historical Fiction Market News, ...Read More

HNR Issue 84 (May 2018)

This issue contains: Cover Story, A Supreme Master: Michael Ondaatje’s new novel, Warlight |  by Lucinda Byatt Historical Fiction Market News, a column ...Read More

HNR Issue 83 (February 2018)

This issue contains: Cover Story, Alternative Truth: HF: Does It Matter that We Get the Facts Right? |  by Douglas Kemp Historical Fiction Market ...Read More

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