Wilde in Love

Written by Eloisa James
Review by Sue Asher

Eloisa James is known for witty, sexy, historical romance. With Wilde in Love, first in a new series, James moves to the Georgian period to narrate the courtships of the Wilde brothers. Alaric Wilde, second in line to inherit his father’s dukedom, has spent some time exploring. Unaware of the extraordinary celebrity he achieved by writing a series of travel adventures, he returns to England to learn he has become the object of nearly universal female adoration. However, he soon meets one beautiful woman who is unimpressed by his fame. Willa Ffynche has had a markedly successful Season, if judged by the number of proposals she received, but unsuccessful in that none of the men have captured her heart. She finds herself attracted to Alaric the man, but appalled by Lord Wilde the phenomenon. (To his credit, Alaric is appalled as well.) Willa is bookish, clever, and private, though wittily bawdy when alone with her close friends. It takes a deranged and dangerous admirer to bring Alaric and Willa together. James’ delightful characters—hero, heroine, and cadre of family and friends—combine with entertaining dialogue and fast-paced plotting to produce another charming romance.