Written by Nick Drake
Review by Mike Ashworth

Thebes, 1324 BC. Tutankhamun has inherited an empire that should be at the height of power and glory. The King, only just 18 years old, faces the political conspiracies of the Court and a bitter struggle for ascendancy. When his own security is threatened by an intruder in the palace he summons Rahotep, chief detective, to track down the traitor. The detective is already involved in solving a series of brutal murders where the cryptically mutilated bodies of several young people are threatening to destabilise a ruthless regime already made precarious by corruption, dissent, the strain of distant wars and the appalling divide between rich and poor. What he discovers at the dark heart of power will put his life and his family in grave danger.

This is the second novel featuring Rahotep, and judging by the quality of this book there will be many more to follow. The characters are well drawn and believable, and the use of the first-person narrative brings an immediacy and excitement to the book. The reader is drawn into the culture, sights, smells and life of ancient Egypt without being overwhelmed by pages of descriptive passages. If you like the genre, you will undoubtedly like this atmospheric and intriguing novel.