Till Shiloh Comes

Written by Gilbert Morris
Review by Lisa Ann Verge

Gilbert Morris tells the Old Testament story of Joseph, the second youngest of the twelve sons of Jacob. Indulged by his father, Joseph grows to be an arrogant youth, flaunting before his older brothers both his scholarly abilities and his father’s gift of a coat of many colors. Enraged by his behavior, the ten half-brothers attack Joseph, beat him, sell him into slavery—and tell their father that he’s dead. Over the long years of servitude in Egypt, Joseph realizes how terribly he had behaved. Placing his faith in God, he uses his natural skills to gain the trust of his masters. Through his ability to interpret dreams, he wins the favor of the Pharaoh, who makes him the Great Protector of Egypt, charged to gather grain during seven bountiful years. When famine hits, and Jacob and his people are threatened with starvation, Jacob sends his sons to Egypt to buy grain. Joseph learns of their arrival and dons a disguise to question them. Once he sees that they regret their actions of so many years ago, he tells them who he is, and forgives them their crime. Written in a clear and masterful voice, Till Shiloh Comes incorporates Old Testament history and lessons of faith and forgiveness into a vibrant narrative.