The Wolf Hunt: A Tale of the Texas Badlands (Derrick Miles Mysteries)

Written by Will Brandon
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

In Dickens County, Texas, in 1891, rancher Basil Wolverton II is found dead near his ranch. A widower with no children, Basil’s next of kin is the son of his late brother. Even though there is no evidence of foul play, footprints are found at the scene of the body and appear to be the tracks of a gigantic wolf, resembling those of the dire wolf of legend. Prior to his death, Basil had asked if anyone has seen a strange creature with larger than normal tracks near his ranch.

The story is similar to the Sherlock Holmes novel The Hound of the Baskervilles. The dialogue used by the main character, Derrick Miles, resembles that of Holmes. Captain Derrick Miles is 37 years old, lives in Fort Worth, Texas, and specializes in crime detection. He even has a “doctor” colleague, Dr. Frank Hooper, the “teller of the tale.” I found the story an amazing blend of mystery mixed with Western culture. Drama and action compel the reader to turn the pages until the final satisfying end. I will definitely look for the next Derrick Miles mystery.