The Third Witch

Written by Rebecca Reisert
Review by Dana Cohlmeyer

In her first novel, Reisert has created a mesmerizing re-imagining of the tale of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. As seen through the eyes of Gilly, a mysterious young woman on a dangerous quest for vengeance, the story unfolds dramatically towards an inevitable end.

Having been rescued by two hut-dwelling wise-women, Gilly has spent seven years struggling to come to grips with memories of a happy childhood tragically cut short.  Her mission takes her from a small hut in the wilds of Birnam Wood to the house of Lord and Lady Macbeth.  Later, she finds herself working Macbeth’s household while searching for a way to exact her revenge on them both. Through Gilly’s eyes, we see all the major elements of Shakespeare’s play, including the three witches, the murder of King Duncan, and Lady Macbeth’s descent into madness.  Such an imaginative recasting of this classic tale makes for addictive, page-turning reading. Overall, Rebecca Reisert’s poignant retelling of Shakespeare’s tragic Macbeth is not to be missed by anyone in search of a well-written story. Even those who run from anything remotely related to Shakespeare may find it hard to put down!