The Snake Catcher’s Daughter : A Mamur Zapt Mystery

Written by Michael Pearce
Review by Alycia Harris

Captain Owen, the Mamur Zapt, has another situation on his hands. Everyone is under suspicion in a mixture of cases involving the past and present, bribes, snakes, female rites, political advancement and more. Who is telling the truth? The Commandant, senior police officials, and even the Mamur Zapt could be part of the twisted tangle. The Captain must investigate unusual circumstances, bizarre relationships and past misdeeds.

The Mamur Zapt mysteries are of the rich, gritty, masculine form of detective fiction. The setting of early 20th century Egypt amid the political turmoil that abounds is an excellent base for the vibrant, spicy flavor that Pearce skillfully amalgamates into this book. There is enough political intrigue, cultural conflict, religious mystery, and social instigating in this book to appeal to any fan of this era. Captivating descriptions of places and people only serve to transport the reader into the story. Indeed, the writing style has the reader convinced he can feel the heat and taste the coffee.

It is readily apparent that the author has a thorough knowledge of the subject that makes this eighth book in the series just as good if not better than those that preceded it. A thoroughly enjoyable adventure for those who are already fans and for those looking for a great new book.