The Path of the Gods


The Path of the Gods is a story of 5th-century BC classical Athens as told by Amyntas in his old age. He recounts his life from his youth in Athens to his old age in North Africa. There is a strong focus on the role of the gods in his life and in his major life decisions. He also focuses on his friendship with the philosopher Socrates and his attempt to mount a rescue of Socrates when he is sentenced to death. Amyntas writes about people he loves and those who love him, male and female.

The story is a detailed remembrance of how Amyntas was sent to Athens by his father to protect him from the Macedonian court intrigues of his relatives. Amyntas is apprenticed to a master goldsmith who has also agreed to keep him safe. During his time in Athens, he meets many important and beautiful people, both men and women. At the home of one of these women, he meets and is befriended by Socrates. When war comes again to Athens, Amyntas is sent to North Africa where his adult life will be spent.

The dialog is formal and stilted, and although this might have been intentional, it was distracting. There was a tendency to tell rather than show the reader what was going on. It was difficult to believe that Amyntas was being guided by his gods rather than simply going through the motions for appearances. The relationship with Socrates seemed flat and unbelievable. While I like stories set in Ancient Greece, this one did not engage me as it should have. However, The Path of the Gods will be enjoyed by many readers of historical fiction.

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