The Lost Prince (The Swords of the White Rose Series, 2)

Written by Ethan Bale
Review by Alan Cassady-Bishop

Sir Giles Ellingham, illegitimate son of Richard III, and Sir John Hawker, a veteran dedicated to Sir Giles, flee Venice by the connivance and money of Maria Hunyadi. Her price? To help her on a personal and dangerous quest. To rescue her father, reported killed nine years ago, from a mountain imprisonment. Her father – Vlad Dracula, the Impaler. Joined by a small band of mercenaries, vagabonds, and ruffians, they must journey through hostile territories and beat off various factions that would oppose them for many reasons. But does the fierce Maria actually tell the truth? Is her father still alive?

This novel is an involving story, with strong characterisations, vivid location descriptions, and a fast pace. Much is seen through the eyes of several of the main characters, apart from Maria Hunyadi herself, who remains elusive yet dominant throughout. The complex politics and loyalties of Europe in the 15th century are simplified yet important to the drive of the story. A great representation of the setting.