HNR Issue 106 (November 2023)

The Frozen River

By Ariel Lawhon - Published 2023



The frozen body of a man is captive in the ice of Maine’s Kennebec River. Once he is cut free and laid ...Read Review


By Fiona Kelly McGregor - Published 2022


Iris by Miles Franklin short-listee and multiform artist, Fiona Kelly McGregor, trails the journey of eponymous protagonist, Iris Mary Webber (née Shingles). ...Read Review

Chasing Eleanor

By Kerry Chaput - Published 2023


During the Great Depression in 1935, riding the rails and standing in breadlines was part of daily life. Kerry Chaput’s main character, Magnolia ...Read Review

One Blood

By Denene Millner - Published 2023


Lolo and Tommy’s marriage begins with a lie, originating in Lolo’s abusive childhood, the scars of which prevent pregnancy. But it ...Read Review

The Christmas Doll: A Repair Shop Story (Repair Shop Stories)

By Amy Sparkes - Published 2023


Children/Young Adult

This story opens in the present day when little Evie and her great-grandma, Sue, take an old doll named Lizzie to the Repair ...Read Review


By Christine Purkis - Published 2023


Set in the late 1700s in Wales, this is the story of a girl who goes from nothing to… well, nothing. Aggie, or ...Read Review

The Dictionary People: The Unsung Heroes Who Created the Oxford English Dictionary

By Sarah Ogilvie - Published 2023



While browsing the Oxford University Press archives, academic Sarah Ogilvie came across the hitherto unknown black notebook of James Murray. Murray was the ...Read Review

Rosie Raja: Mission to Cairo

By Sufiya Ahmed - Published 2023


.Children/Young Adult

September 1941, and Rosie Raja and her father visit a WAAF training school in England. The drive there has been, she surmises, an excuse ...Read Review

Death and the Sisters (A Mary Shelley Mystery)

By Heather Redmond - Published 2023



Sixteen-year-old Mary, the daughter of famed authors Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin, is a natural storyteller with a vivid imagination but feels her ...Read Review

The Butterfly Collector

By Tea Cooper - Published 2023


1922 Sydney. Verity Binks wants to be a reporter like her father and grandfather, but with soldiers coming home from the Great War, she ...Read Review

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