The King James Conspiracy



In 1604 King James of England declared his desire to have a definitive translation of the Bible, and by 1605 several groups of translators were hard at work, correcting previous versions and researching original texts. Some previously untranslated documents reveal secrets that could change the Christian belief (and power) system forever, and these issues—religious, philosophical, political—propel Depoy’s fast-paced tale.

The brutal murder of a translator in Cambridge sends Deacon Marbury to hire an investigator, a Brother Timon, who has been recommended by a group of unnamed men who aided him in uncovering the Bye Plot against King James several years earlier. What Marbury doesn’t know is that these men are staunch Catholics, with nefarious plots of their own. Brother Timon is not who he seems: among his skills are a knack for memorization and murder. While Marbury thinks Timon’s job is to find a murderer, Timon’s Catholic bosses have really sent him to Cambridge to stop the translation altogether. As the body count rises and the texts provide revelations about the tenets of Christianity, Timon begins questioning his purpose. His interactions with Marbury and the deacon’s beautiful, intelligent daughter, Anne, spark something in him that he thought long dead; Timon’s internal struggles are mirrored in the other characters, many of whom are hiding their own secrets.

Depoy’s narrative is an intricate blend of historical fact and fiction, with most of the characters based on real participants in the Bible translation. Life in early 17th-century England is shown to be rough-and-tumble, where even the most pious of scholars must know how to fight with weapons as well as words. The characters are well drawn and complex, and for the reader eager to know the details behind the story, Depoy provides a chapter of historical data and resources for further investigation.

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