The Edge of the Cloud

Written by K.M. Peyton
Review by Charlotte Kemp

In this, the second of K.M. Peyton’s Flambards series, Will and Christina have eloped together, and arrive on Christina’s aunt’s house penniless and jobless. Will sets about making his dream of recognition from designing and piloting aeroplanes come true. However, Christina is sceptical about this reasonably new invention, and she is terrified every time Will takes off. She finds work near Will’s work place, but faces opposition from many people who frown upon the idea of a young girl working for a living in the early twentieth century. Will Christina be able to trust the man she loves enough to fly them both in his aeroplane?

The Edge of the Cloud moves away from the horse and hunting-based plot of the previous book in the series, and I found this refreshing having previously read it. The Edge of the Cloud is gripping, and I was eager to found out if Will earned the recognition from his ambitions that he so richly deserved. I found this novel fascinating, especially because, like Will, I have a keen interest in flying.