The Cowboy and the Scallywag

Written by Ben Tyler
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

In Central Kansas in 1881, 34-year-old Coley Briggs is carrying several thousand dollars back to his ranch. When he stops to camp for the night, he is saved from being robbed by Anna Holden, who shoots the bushwhackers. She asks to join him, and then together they decide to board a train to Wichita. The train is halted and robbed by the Burl Hackett gang. After Coley, a former lawman, is successful in stopping the robbery, he and Anna discover there is a significant reward posted for the capture of the gang, so they saddle up and head for the hills in search of their hideout.

I found this novel well-paced, compelling you to turn the pages as Coley and Anna, an odd couple, learn to work together. The author adds a few twists to the story by including in his narrative another bounty hunter who decides to follow them while they track down the outlaw. Tension builds until the final pages. It’s an entertaining read. I always enjoy stories by Ben Tyler and look forward to his next novel.