The Bridegroom Wore Plaid

Written by Grace Burrowes
Review by Nanette Donohue

Ian MacGregor, Earl of Balfour, is in a bind. He can’t afford to maintain his estate, so he needs to find a bride with suitable means. Queen Victoria’s summer trips to Scotland have lured many an eligible lady to the Highlands, and Ian finds himself matched with Eugenia Daniels, a wealthy young woman whose father, a baron, wants a title of higher rank for his daughter. Eugenia is lovely, but Ian’s head is turned by Eugenia’s escort Augusta Merrick, a spinster cousin whose background is more than a bit uncertain. Is Ian willing to give up his family estate in pursuit of love?

Burrowes’s latest keeps with her established formula of entertaining love stories featuring witty dialogue and characters with close family ties. The relationship between the MacGregors is warm and caring, and readers will root for this generous, kindhearted clan as they find love with their English visitors. The lone criticism? The novel is overpopulated with characters, and it takes almost half the novel to figure out who they are and why they’re there. Nevertheless, Burrowes’s growing number of fans will appreciate this lively Victorian romance.