Sons of the Wolf

Written by Paula Lofting
Review by Rachel Malone

In the time of Harold and Edward, we meet Wulfhere, a Sussex thegn; a fearsome warrior, a respected nobleman, adored father, and beloved husband. Times haven’t always been happy at the homestead, but upon return from battle, things couldn’t be better for him. As would be expected, however, when things look the brightest, shadows aren’t far behind and Wulfhere finds himself bound to an oath that he is desperate to get out of.

Sons of the Wolf is the first book in what looks to be an epic series by Paula Lofting. As a re-enactor of Saxon history, Lofting is very knowledgeable of this period of history and this is reflected in her writing. The battles are bloody and gory, as would be expected of this time, and the homesteads and family life are described with authority and authenticity. Edward and Harold are familiar as the description of them here is similar to descriptions of Edward and Harold in other works of fiction. This familiarity is reassuring and it’s obvious that Lofting has done some meticulous research.

I did notice two inconsistencies regarding the plot: wouldn’t the abduction of a thegn’s daughter be considered grounds for dissolving an oath—especially when an assault of a mere maidservant was acceptable grounds? And why did a character not want to return to another character after he had accepted that her plight was not her choice?

These are not big issues, but did jar a little; however, Sons of the Wolf is a fantastic beginning to what I hope will be a successful series.