Sherlock Holmes and the Four Corners of Hell

Written by Seamas Duffy
Review by Ann Northfield

One of the most beloved and well-known literary figures of all time is once again back to solve more mysterious crimes with his rational, intelligent and acute observational skills. Narrated by reliable sidekick Dr Watson as per tradition, this book contains three short stories ranging from possible vampire slayings to a mystery marksman to prostitute murders reminiscent of the infamous Ripper killings.

The vampire story is perhaps the strangest: bodies are found drained of blood, and could it be the case that Holmes will be forced to admit the existence of these supernatural beings? Holmes uses his formidable brain as normal to solve unusual crimes, which have baffled and confused police. If we can’t have more Conan Doyle, this is the most similar in atmosphere, characterisation and writing style you can get. The stories are fast-paced, interesting and full of the typical Holmes-style descriptions of the seedy backstreets of London, with gaslights, fog and the dangers of pickpockets. The plots are well-constructed with a suitable amount of red herrings and clear characterisation. Very much recommended for Sherlock fans and non-fans who just want some good action-packed stories with a famous literary character, who remains evergreen and ever-popular.