Confessions of a Royal Bridegroom

Written by Vanessa Kelly
Review by Nancy J. Attwell

Griffin Steele, the illegitimate and unacknowledged son of a royal duke, has created for himself a life of comfort and wealth. His one remaining ambition is to divest himself of his London holdings, including the brothel next door to his home, and leave England forever. Griffin’s plans are interrupted, in early 1815, when a mysterious woman drops off a baby boy with a note begging Griffin to protect the baby’s life. One of Griffin’s friends, spymaster Sir Dominic Hunter, asks his 24-year-old goddaughter, Justine Brightmore, to look after the baby until this matter can be resolved. Justine agrees, though she hates to exchange the serenity of rural living for the bustle of the city.

It is an amusing premise that a prim spinster must live in the household of a notorious whoremaster. Griffin is not quite the blackguard that his reputation proclaims, but neither has Justine lived as sheltered a life as Griffin believes. Plenty of sparks fly between the two, but no matter their personal differences, they both agree that protecting the safety of the infant is of paramount importance. Interesting characters, high-stakes adventures, and an unusual plot all make this an enjoyable addition to Kelly’s Renegade Royals series