A Knight’s Enchantment

Written by Lindsay Townsend
Review by Alana White

It’s spring of 1210 in England, and plucky alchemist Joanna of Glastonbury faces a desperate situation. With her father as prisoner, unscrupulous Bishop Thomas is demanding she create an elixir for eternal life in exchange for her father’s freedom. Meanwhile, Sir Hugh Manhill’s brother, Knight Templar David Manhill, is the bishop’s prisoner, as well. And so Hugh takes Joanna captive, hoping he can use her release as a bargaining chip with the bishop – Joanna for his brother. Will Joanna and “hot and dangerous” Hugh fall in love in this 13th-century romance? Certainly, but only after an entertaining round of fights, sassy dialogue, and smoldering sex scenes drawing to a satisfying conclusion as the pair join forces to thwart the bishop and rescue their loved ones. Author Lindsay Townsend handles the book’s historical details with skill. Particularly well-done are the secondary characters who round out this tale of love and desire in medieval England.