A Highlander’s Christmas Kiss

Written by Paula Quinn
Review by Francesca Pelaccia

Set in Scotland in 1711, A Highlander’s Christmas Kiss is another installment in the MacGregor-Grant clan series. This one features Cailean Grant, who in an attempt to distance himself from the loss of loved ones, becomes a Black Rider or mercenary. When his cousin Patrick is almost killed, he sets off with other Black Riders to Linavar to take revenge and instigates the killing of its leader, Seth Menzie. Unfortunately, Cailean then falls in love with the leader’s daughter, Temperance. After he is almost killed, Temperance nurses him back to health while Cailean struggles with the need to tell her the truth and the fear of losing her.

The novel runs high with all emotions—loss, attraction, guilt, grief, anger, hatred, denial, and finally forgiveness and love. The hero is both a warrior and poet while the heroine is wise as she is pure until her need for vengeance consumes her. Secondary characters act as soundboards for the hero and heroine, and even the bad guys are supportive.  A Highlander’s Christmas Kiss is just what romance is supposed to be: pure escapism, where love breaks through hearts of stone and ultimately conquers all.