A Chance Kill

Written by Paul Letters
Review by Irene May

Based upon true events, seventeen-year-old Polish catholic Dyta Zając finds herself forced away from wartime Warsaw due to her family’s shadowy connections. Dyta’s time on the run sets her on a path towards confronting the ultimate Nazi. Half a continent away, an RAF crew embarks on Britain’s little-known first offensive of the war.”

Tom is an English fighter pilot and Dyta a Polish refugee, their stories told in alternate chapters, and the connection between the two gradually revealed as the author takes his readers in an exciting adventure from Eastern Europe to London and back again.

It is a well-researched story with apparent authentic detail (although I do not know much about Poland during the first half of WWII) which takes the reader into the conflict in Europe in the 1940s and shows how difficult life was in Nazi-occupied countries.

There were occasional gaps in the time-line which would, had they been added in more detail, given that little bit extra to an otherwise absorbing tale. The facts and the fiction were well blended and the characters themselves likeable and believable.

Nicely produced, with a quality finish to text and cover, this is a novel which will appeal to readers who enjoy mystery thrillers set against a backdrop of the second world war.