Nancy Henshaw

A Thimbleful of Hope

By Evie Grace - Published 2019



In 1864 Violet Rayfield’s father is a prosperous Dover ship owner. She had hoped to marry his most promising apprentice, William Noble, but ...Read Review

The Winter of the Witch (Winternight Trilogy)

By Katherine Arden - Published 2019


Historical Fantasy

Moscow has been ablaze and terrified citizens become a mob demanding the death of a witch. Vasya is condemned, trapped in a cage ...Read Review

A Christmas Railway Mystery (Railway Detective)

By Edward Marston - Published 2018



A headless body with bound wrists and ankles lies in the workshop of the Great Western Railway at Swindon and is identified by ...Read Review

Vitellius’ Feast: The Four Emperors Series: Book IV

By L.J. Trafford - Published 2018


AD 69 in Rome, and Nero is dead. He had most of the vices, but at least he had style and aspirations. Vitellius is ...Read Review


By Hannu Rajaniemi - Published 2018



Joe and Rachel White have a loving but troubled marriage. He is an officer in the British Army, after twenty years still haunted ...Read Review

A People without a Past

By Jaan Kross - By Merike Beecher (trans.) - Published 2018



Northern Europe, 1563. In Livonia, the coastal town of Tallinn is under siege, while inside the walls, plague takes its toll. Balthasar Russow has ...Read Review

The Passage to India

By Allan Mallinson - Published 2018


1831, and the Reform Act extending the franchise, making its way through Parliament, is not universally popular. In the great city of Bristol, excitable ...Read Review

Snow Angels

By Elizabeth Gill - Published 2017



It is 1890 in Tyneside, where shipbuilding is in full swing. The mighty liners are in competition to make the transatlantic crossing in luxury, ...Read Review

The Contraband Shore

By David Donachie - Published 2017



Royal Navy Captain Edward Brazier has reason to be pleased with life, even though he has no ship at present under his command. ...Read Review

At Long Last Love

By Milly Adams - Published 2017


This is the story of two sisters, Sarah and Kate Watson, with the latter always being the wild one. In London during World ...Read Review

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