Pen & Sword

Lincoln’s Assassin

By J.F. Pennington - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

Subtitled “The Unsolicited Confessions of J. Wilkes Booth”, this book is interesting but not involving. It weaves known facts concerning the assassination of ...Read Review

The Arrow of Sherwood

By Lauren Johnson - Published 2013



The subject and storyline of this novel will surprise no one who has been reading or watching films over the past fifty years ...Read Review

The House of Medici: Inheritance of Power

By Edward Charles - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

This is the first in a trilogy of novels about the rise and fall of the wealthy banking family whose name is practically ...Read Review

The Woodville Connection

By K.E. Martin - Published 2013



The illegitimate Francis Cranley’s father was killed in battle fighting for the Duke of York. The Duke then took in the boy, ...Read Review