One More Chapter

Love in a Time of War (The Three Fry Sisters, 1)

By Adrienne Chinn - Published 2022



It is 1913 in London, and the three Fry sisters—Cecelia, Jessie and Etta—are young women looking forward to their futures. The eldest, ...Read Review

The Polish Girl

By Malka Adler - Published 2022


When the Russians enter Poland in 1939, eight-year-old Danusha and her seven-year-old brother Yashu are hustled from home to home, and hiding place to ...Read Review

All We Left Behind

By Danielle R. Graham - Published 2021


Chidori and Hayden, friends since childhood, begin to develop deeper feelings for each other and hope to marry someday. Unfortunately, their peaceful and ...Read Review

The Brothers of Auschwitz

By Malka Adler - By Noel Canin (trans.) - Published 2020



The Brothers of Auschwitz recounts the story of two brothers from Hungary, Dov and Yitzhak, who survive the concentration camps and death marches ...Read Review

Before the Crown

By Flora Harding - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

It is 1943, and the future Queen Elizabeth II of England is cooped up in Windsor Castle. She is frustrated at her inability to ...Read Review

The Secret Orphan

By Glynis Peters - Published 2019



Elenor Cardew is no stranger to hardship. Forced to work the farm by her two drunken brothers, she escapes to Coventry before World ...Read Review