Flatiron Books

Once We Were Home

By Jennifer Rosner - Published 2023


Once We Were Home is based on the true stories of hidden Jewish children, the youngest survivors of the Holocaust who eluded the ...Read Review


By Melinda Moustakis - Published 2023



Anchorage, 1956. Marie is looking for a future, and Lawrence has a parcel of 150 acres from the State of Alaska. Both are aching for ...Read Review

The Book of Everlasting Things

By Aanchal Malhotra - Published 2022


In 1937 Lahore, India, ten-year-old Samir, a Hindu boy, begins an apprenticeship in his uncle Vivek’s perfumery. Vivek had served with the British ...Read Review

A Net for Small Fishes

By Lucy Jago - Published 2021


Biographical FictionLiteraryThriller

London, 1609. Anne Turner, seamstress and mother of six with a much older husband and heavy debts, can’t believe her luck when she’...Read Review

Four Treasures of the Sky

By Jenny Tinghui Zhang - Published 2022



Despite being named for a tragic heroine of legend, Daiyu has a happy childhood in 1880s China. Growing up in a fishing village, ...Read Review

Elektra: The Classical Mythology Phenomenon of the Year

By Jennifer Saint - Published 2022



This modern retelling of the Homeric myth follows the lives and fates of three women: Elektra, Clytemnestra, and Cassandra. There is not much ...Read Review

Palace of the Drowned

By Christine Mangan - Published 2021



It’s 1966, and more than a decade has passed since Frances (Frankie) Croy’s debut novel captured the London literary world; failure has ...Read Review


By Jennifer Saint - Published 2021


You all know the myth. Theseus, Prince of Athens, wins undying fame by penetrating an impregnable Cretan labyrinth and killing the Minotaur, a ...Read Review

Everything That Burns (Enchantée 2)

By Gita Trelease - Published 2021


Children/Young Adult

Trelease’s follow up novel to Enchantée (now retitled All That Glitters) continues her portrayal of a Paris during the French Revolution ...Read Review

Love and Fury: A Novel of Mary Wollstonecraft

By Samantha Silva - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

On August 30, 1797, midwife Parthenia Blenkinsop arrives at a house in North London to deliver Mary Wollstonecraft’s baby. She’s expecting another routine ...Read Review