Faro’s Daughter

Written by Georgette Heyer
Review by Chiara Prezzavento

The richest man in town, and an inveterate bachelor at 35, Max Ravenscar isn’t in the habit of losing his composure, but when his young cousin Lord Mablethorpe takes it in his head to marry a girl from a gaming house, he feels compelled to act. And yet, Deb Grantham isn’t like anything Max expected, and is mightily offended when he tries to buy her off. In fact, Deb never meant to marry Adrian Mablethorpe, but finds that Mr. Ravenscar’s high-handed ways call for vengeance – and then elderly aunts, ne’er do well brothers, letters, misunderstandings, cellars, card parties, routs at Vauxhall, and a tiresome mutual attraction come to greatly complicate matters… Georgette Heyer had a first-rate gift for witty dialogue, plentiful and accurate period detail, and humorous situations, all of which make for yet another delightful Regency – the kind that goes so well with rainy afternoons and cups of hot chocolate.