The Summer Garden: A Love Story

By Paullina Simons - Published 2008Published 2011



The final volume in Simons’ epic trilogy follows Tatiana Metanova and Alexander Barrington from the early years of their marriage to the end ...Read Review


By P. C. Doherty - By Paul Doherty - Published 2008Published 2011



In this, the 16th of the Hugh Corbett medieval mysteries, Doherty has poor Hugh out on the road again at the behest of ...Read Review

Sins of the House of Borgia

By Sarah Bower - Published 2008Published 2011


Things have not been easy for Esther; expelled with her fellow Jews from her home in Spain, she first loses her mother and ...Read Review

Bitter Eden

By Tatamkhulu Afrika - Published 2008Published 2010



This work is based on the author’s experience of being captured in the North African campaign and landing in an Italian, then ...Read Review

Shadow Country

By Peter Matthiessen - Published 2008



Originally written as one enormous 1500‑page novel, Shadow Country was released as three separate volumes in the 1990s. This version is a rewrite. ...Read Review

Tatiana and Alexander: A Love Story

By Paullina Simons - Published 2008Published 2010


Eighteen-year-old Tatiana has escaped from the Soviet Union, but the fate of her husband, Alexander, is unknown. Alexander, born in theUnited States but ...Read Review

The Winter Sea

By Susanna Kearsley - Published 2008Published 2010



Historical subjects come to life for a modern novelist in Kearsley’s fascinating The Winter Sea. To explain how and why her 18th ...Read Review

The Museum’s Secret

By Henry Chancellor - Published 2008


AdventureChildren/Young AdultTime-slip

Eleven-year-old Tom Scatterhorn has problems. His mother has gone to Mongolia to find his missing entomologist father, and Tom must stay with his ...Read Review

The Life of Mary Queen of Scots: An Accidental Tragedy

By Roderick Graham - Published 2008Published 2009



Mary Queen of Scots was put to death by her cousin, Elizabeth I, in 1587. Why does Roderick Graham call her death “an accidental ...Read Review

Eleanor the Queen

By Norah Lofts - Published 2008Published 2010


Biographical FictionRomanceSaga

First published in the 1950s and set in 12th-century France and England, Eleanor the Queen follows Eleanor of Aquitaine from the days of ...Read Review