Or Give Me Death: A Novel of Patrick Henry’s Family

By Ann Rinaldi - Published 2003


Biographical FictionChildren/Young Adult

This young adult novel is based on Patrick Henry’s family and set between 1771 and 1778. Rather than focusing on this founding father’s ...Read Review

MacGregor’s Lantern

By Corinne Joy Brown - Published 2003



Determined to live a life less ordinary, Margaret Dowling has not lived up to society’s expectations of young women of her class. ...Read Review

The Widowmaker, Book One: Invitation to a Hanging

By Robert J. Randisi - Published 2003



Robert Randisi is known for writing hundreds of books in various “adult” western series, including almost all of the Gunsmith series, and most ...Read Review

A Ride into Morning: The Story of Tempe Wick

By Ann Rinaldi - Published 2003


Biographical FictionChildren/Young Adult

Rinaldi bases her story on the Morristown, New Jersey, legend of Tempe Wick. In the bitter winter of 1780-81, the Pennsylvania Line of ...Read Review

Neutral War

By Hal Gold - Published 2003


Neutral War is a thought-provoking story of Swedish neutrality and Japanese aggression as well as the relationship between two prominent men from both ...Read Review

Sacred Time

By Ursula Hegi - Published 2003



“…it came to me that family is the most violent unit, and I felt certain that retribution would come from within my family.” ...Read Review

Fallen Angels

By Patricia Hickman - Published 2003



Fallen Angels, the first novel in the Millwood Hollow series, takes a somewhat lighthearted approach to a dark time in American history and ...Read Review

Joshua’s Bible

By Shelly Leanne - Published 2003



In the midst of the Depression, Joshua Clay, a young minister and college student, receives a rare opportunity to become a missionary to ...Read Review

Blood on the Wood

By Gillian Linscott - Published 2003Published 2004



What a delightful protagonist I have just met in Nell Bray! Suffragette, translator in early 20th century London, she is bright, resourceful, realistic, ...Read Review

The War of the Crowns: Queen of Freedom v.2

By Christian Jacq - Published 2003Published 2004


Biographical FictionMilitarySaga

Continuing the saga of Queen Ahotep’s battle to overthrow the foreign domination of the Hyskos conquerors, The War of the Crowns returns ...Read Review

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