Katharine McMahon

The Crimson Rooms

By Katharine McMahon - Published 2009Published 2010



In London in 1924, Evelyn Gifford is a young lawyer of thirty, a single woman living at home with her mother, aunt, and grandmother. ...Read Review

The Rose of Sebastopol

By Katharine McMahon - Published 2007Published 2009



In The Rose of Sebastopol the horrors of the Crimean War are described by a most unlikely narrator—Mariella Lingwood, a young English ...Read Review

The Alchemist’s Daughter

By Katharine McMahon - Published 2006


Biographical Fiction

In lyrical prose, this novel details the life of Emilie Selden, a female scientist in 18th century England, squirreled away in her father’...Read Review