Dominic Smith

The Electric Hotel

By Dominic Smith - Published 2020



The Electric Hotel is a story within a story, with the main narrative set within a poignant outer frame. It is 1963, and a ...Read Review

The Last Painting of Sara de Vos

By Dominic Smith - Published 2016


This is a beautifully written, gripping historical novel centered on the forgery of a Dutch Golden Age painting and two women: the one ...Read Review

Bright and Distant Shores

By Dominic Smith - Published 2011



Set in 1890s Chicago and the South Pacific, Smith’s third novel begins when an insurance tycoon sponsors the world’s tallest skyscraper. ...Read Review

The Mercury Visions of Louis DaGuerre

By Dominic Smith - Published 2006


Biographical FictionLiterary

  Louis Daguerre, artist and inventor, is being poisoned, a victim of toxic chemicals used in the imaging process that bears his name. ...Read Review