How To Lose A Battle: Foolish Plans and Great Military Blunders

Written by ed. Bill Fawcett
Review by John R. Vallely

The author/editor of a number of popular histories, Bill Fawcett and the other contributors offer light and breezy interpretations of military defeats from Arbela in 331 BC to the Six Day War in 1967. The brief essays are written by a number of different writers who, strangely enough, are never identified beyond their names, leaving the reader to guess at their expertise to write on these matters. Some stylistic decisions (referring to a Union officer at Gettysburg as “John,” for instance) are as grating as the genuine whoppers (Gettysburg took place in 1863, not 1864; there was no German offensive in the Ardennes Forest in 1939). There is no bibliography. Fawcett has also written a book titled You Did What? I am tempted to ask him “you wrote what?” regarding this volume.