The Vikings

Written by Ian Heath Keith Durham Mark Harrison René Chartrand
Review by Linda Harris Sittig

This beautifully illustrated book gives the reader an intimate glimpse into the Viking era: the military exploits, life at home, nautical explorations, and the famous raiding voyages in longships. Stunning photographs of Viking artifacts, coupled with richly detailed artwork, supplement the superbly researched chronology of the Vikings’ impact on European history. As each chapter unfolds, the reader learns the unique vocabulary of this Scandinavian culture, since the Vikings themselves came from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland. Each strata of Viking society is explored throughout the book, as is the political and religious arena of that day. Although the Viking era only lasted for about 300 years, the impact of their colonization, culture, and lore lives on today. This was a fascinating read. I particularly appreciated the timelines and maps that helped me better understand time and place. A must-read for any Viking enthusiast.