The Trouble with Patience

Written by Maggie Brendan
Review by Jeanne Greene

Montana Territory, 1866. The Civil War has ended and Nevada City, a rugged mining town, is a magnet for those who, like spinster Patience Cavanaugh, are seeking a new life. When the man she hopes to marry is killed, Patience, who considers herself unattractive, decides to find a home all her own. She cuts her mother’s apron strings, leaves Tennessee, and heads for Nevada City—with nothing in her reticule but the deed to a boarding house she inherited from her grandmother. One look at the rundown Creekside Inn shakes Patience to the core. When she falls back on the only thing she knows how to do—home cooking—the smell of baking biscuits brings envious women and hungry men running. The latter includes two attractive men who, once they overcome their checkered pasts, help the struggling baker build a business and the self-confidence she needs to run it. Patience’s struggle to overcome low self-esteem is interesting. Otherwise, this conventional plot with a predictable ending is strictly for fans of series romance.