The Queen’s Fencer

Written by Caitlin Scott-Turner
Review by Carol Anne Germain

If you enjoy swashbuckling adventures, get yourself ready for a fun read! This fast-moving tale includes the excitement of pirates, the intrigue of the royal court, and the uncertainties of sea. Set in the Elizabethan era, the story revolves around a young protagonist, Ardys, who is quite an unusual female. Her experience as a master fencer of the English court sets her apart from the other women of her time, with perhaps the exception of the strong-willed ruler, Queen Elizabeth.

While this historical novel highlights romance, love, and loyalty, Ardys also faces death, kidnapping, human power struggles, and war. Yet her will, courage and strength get her through even the most difficult of situations. After her father dies at Elizabeth’s court, Ardys sets sail to return home, but winds up in a handsome pirate’s arms. Though desperate not to fall in love with him, she finds herself head over heels, and so does he. Complications, including a rival who steals Ardys away, will add to the adventure, and Ardys’s suitor, Desmond Kirkconnell, will literally travel the seas to get her back into his life.