The Perks of Loving a Scoundrel

Written by Jennifer McQuiston
Review by Lauren Miller

Victorian London is no place for a bookish spinster like Miss Mary Channing, who lands herself in a conundrum when she becomes entangled with Geoffrey Westmore, who is by all accounts an irredeemable scoundrel. Westmore, a former soldier, has no room in his life for an inexperienced Society miss, but when she’s compromised during an overheard assassination plot, it’ll behoove him to do the honourable thing before Channing gets them both killed. The fate of the British Empire is in the hands of two unlikely heroes.

McQuiston’s newest romantic mystery features the Westmore clan with an engaging story, comfortable pace, and an original plot that is well thought out. While there are some steamy romantic elements, this is a mystery with enough playful banter and bumbling, indiscreet moments to make you laugh and keep your heart racing, and enough plot twists to keep it complicated. Themes of being haunted by past memories and learning to open up and trust again lend a touching element of heart. This is a charming addition to the Seduction Diaries series.