The Glory Girls

Written by June Gadsby
Review by Sara Wilson

Although they are from different backgrounds Mary, Anne, Irene and Effie have one thing in common: they long to escape the dull routine of life in the Tyne Valley and decide to join the FANYs when the opportunity beckons in 1939. But the Glory Girls are rudely awakened from their romantic dreams of fun and adventure when they are plunged into action in occupied France.

All four are changed by their experiences. Mary and Anne are put at risk by their work in the SOE. Iris is changed by her lover of a mysterious Resistance fighter. And Effie pays a huge price for her boldness and dedication to duty.

The Glory Girls is an entertaining tale that demonstrates with remarkable clarity how the most ordinary people can achieve the extraordinary when necessary. Not only is it an exciting and engaging read, it is also a celebration of the important role played by women in World War Two.

June Gadsby has written a lively story and a fitting commemoration of the work of the FANYs, which continues to this day.