The Celtic Deception (A Jump in Time, 2)

Written by Andrew Varga
Review by Thomas j. Howley

Dan Renfrew is a seventeen-year-old time jumper. To say Dan’s life is dangerous, complicated, and hyper-adventurous for a teenager would be an enormous understatement. He has taken on a mission of not only saving the world’s history but also thwarting a supremely evil villain, Victor Stahl, in his ongoing quest to control the planet. Dan’s companion, the red-haired Sam, is highly intelligent and formidable. She is close to his age though acts more mature and proves to be an invaluable asset, even if she seems somewhat reluctant in reciprocating his youthful attraction to her.

The two must travel to Britannia in AD 60 to repair a glitch in time, which is essentially any artefact that is out of place for the period. This trip, though, the two have jumped into the midst of turmoil as two ferocious Roman legions march to annihilate Celtic native tribes and druids on the island of Anglesey. The two young people must deal with the loveable but stubborn Celts, their mysterious druids, and the murderous Romans before they can find and fix the glitch. Even if they succeed, they must return to danger in the present time from Stahl and his evil minions.

Billed as a historical fantasy for young adults, this enormously entertaining novel is all that and much more. The history presented is genuinely rendered alongside the captivating fantasy and fictional elements. The storyline is replete with ancient battle action and tactics, flashes of romance, clever humor, and unexpected turns in events. Second in a series, it reads just fine as a standalone. Exceeding my expectations throughout, the book delivers not only fast-paced fun and adventure but engaging historical insight into a time of turmoil and change. Unreservedly recommended for readers of all ages.