Queen of Swords

Written by Sara Donati
Review by Dana Cohlmeyer

Sara Donati revives the sweeping, no-holds-barred historical sagas of the 1970s and 1980s in Queen of Swords, the fifth book in her Bonner family saga. This installment begins with Luke and Hannah Bonner searching the Caribbean for Luke’s abducted wife, Jennet. But though Jennet’s rescue is swift and successful, she has terrifying news: in captivity, she’d given birth to Luke’s son, but she’d been forced to give him up to a stranger – a horrid man – in order to keep the baby safe. Determined to find their son, the reunited couple follow the trail to New Orleans in 1814, on the eve of the decisive battle between the British and the Americans. There they make new friends and find old enemies as they struggle to reunite their family and make their way home.

Find a comfortable couch; this is the kind of series that a reader can wallow in for days. The characters are warm and finely drawn, if perhaps too liberal for the time period. The historical details are vivid and well woven into the story. One could argue that the villain is of the mustache-twirling kind, but that can be forgiven as the reader is swept into the lives and loves of so many passionate and good-hearted characters. Bravo to Ms. Donati, and hurry up with the next installment.