Lady Louisa’s Christmas Knight

Written by Grace Burrowes
Review by Nanette Donohue

Though Lady Louisa Windham has suitors, she can’t imagine marrying any of them—especially Lionel Honiton, a dandy who seems more concerned about the color of his lace cuffs than anything else. And Honiton certainly couldn’t weather the scandal that would ensue if Louisa’s secret—a book of erotic poetry that she published under a pseudonym—became public. With two younger, unmarried sisters, Louisa is ready to step aside to allow them to take their chances on the marriage market. Then Peninsular War veteran Sir Joseph Carrington enters her life. Carrington’s good nature (to say nothing of his handsome good looks) appeals to Louisa, and the two soon develop tender feelings for one another. But Sir Joseph has a secret of his own, and someone is determined to ruin their fledgling relationship by revealing both secrets.

Burrowes infuses her novels with snappy dialogue and plenty of wit, and she avoids the contrived intrigues that tend to plague Regency romances. Readers familiar with her earlier novels about members of the Windham family will be pleased to see the return of old favorites, including Louisa’s parents, who are still passionately in love after many years of marriage. Good news for fans—with two unmarried Windham sisters left, there’s little doubt that the series will continue.