Highland Surrender (Sons of Sinclair, 5)

Written by Heather McCollum
Review by Deborah Cay Wilding

When Norse warrior Erik Halverson lands in Scotland with his band of Wolf Warriors, he has a mission: abduct Hannah Sinclair on the orders of the royal court of Denmark. It’s 1592, and Dowager Queen Sophie of Denmark-Norway fears for her daughter, Anne, married to King James of Scotland—especially since the powerful Sinclair clan threatens their reign. To bring the Sinclair brothers to heel, the dowager queen plans to hold their sister, Hannah, hostage.

This is the fifth book in McCollum’s Sons of Sinclair series, and the steamy historical romance gets off to a slow start while the enemies-to-lovers plot gradually unfolds. Along the way there’s trickery, kidnapping, and a North Sea journey described with touching imagery that mirrors Erik and Hannah’s inner conflict as they struggle to reconcile their differences. In a confrontation between Erik and the Sinclair brothers, the choice between honor, loyalty, family, and love is put to the ultimate test as the characters gain new insights into the meaning of surrender. A few more unusual events wrap everything up nicely for readers who enjoy a light sprinkling of history in a spicy romance.