Dark Territory (A Sheriff Aaron Mackey Western)

Written by Terrence McCauley
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

Sheriff Aaron Mackey and his deputy Billy Sunday are the law in Dover Station, a small town in Montana Territory. A building project is underway to construct a town hall, along with consolidating the local mining, logging and ranching activities. Contractors have been hired by the manager of the project, James Grant, and are a rough group housed in Tent City, adjoining the town. The Sheriff and Grant are at odds, especially after a rash of train robberies near the town point in the direction of Grant.

Knowing that it is Grant’s idea to remove the Sheriff and replace him with 30 constables working out of the new City Hall, Mackey begins to oppose Grant, knowing that a face-off is destined to result.

This is the second book in acclaimed crime novelist Terrence McCauley’s western series. Sheriff Mackey is a hard-nosed western hero of the Civil War who packs a punch with both his fists and his guns. Prepare yourself for a fast-paced ride as you turn the pages as tension builds until the final chapter. I look forward to the next installment with anticipation.