Written by Kathleen Bittner Roth
Review by Caroline Wilson

Celine Kirkland suffers a horrible carriage accident, loses her unborn baby, and becomes a widow. Taken in by a local plantation owner, she is treated as a cherished house guest. But she is not prepared to wear out her welcome, especially when the family’s errant son Trevor comes swaggering home. Nor is she equipped to deal with the wave of emotion and desire he incites in her. Celine is set antebellum New Orleans and later in the fledgling, Gold Rush-stricken San Francisco. The setting is unique in that most historical romances are based in England. Roth is a capable writer in terms of pacing as the plot moves along quickly. Secondary characters are colorful and lend interest to the storyline. Unfortunately, the main characters are cliché, and the plot at times reads like a 1980s-style romance, complete with duels, heaving bosoms, and throbbing members. Nonetheless, die-hard romance fans and lovers of the Old South will enjoy Celine.