Independently published

The Barabbas Legacy (The Barabbas Trilogy)

By M.D. House - Published 2021



This third in a trilogy provides more exciting tales of well-known New Testament characters and their fictitious offspring as they travel the world, ...Read Review

The Dardanelles Conspiracy (Johnny Swift Thrillers)

By Alan Bardos - Published 2021



In January 1915, the Western Front is paralysed by trench warfare. Desperate to preserve a truce and the lives of men in his sector, ...Read Review

Enemies and Allies (Johnny Swift Thrillers)

By Alan Bardos - Published 2022



The Johnny Swift novels form only part of Alan Bardos’ literary achievements, although they are probably the best known of his works. Enemies &...Read Review

Thieves of Paris

By Helen Schwartz - Published 2021


Max has grown up on the Rothschild estate outside Paris, his mother a servant to the family. He feels a strong allegiance to ...Read Review

A Class Coveted (A Matter of Class)

By Susie Murphy - Published 2021



In 1836, growing numbers of Irish immigrants are moving into the city of Boston. The extended family of Cormac and Bridget McGovern is among ...Read Review

Rotherwood: A Prequel to Ivanhoe

By Chris Thorndycroft - Published 2021



England and the Holy Land are the settings of this 12th-century imagining of Wilfred of Ivanhoe’s life over the four years before ...Read Review

Sigurd’s Swords: A Viking Age Novel (Olaf’s Saga Book 2)

By Eric Schumacher - Published 2021


In 968 AD, two young Norse warriors, Torgil and Olaf, find themselves fighting for their lives within the Swedish Viking-controlled land of the Rus ...Read Review

The Heart of the Run (The Moorheads)

By Craig Pennington - Published 2021



This is the fictionalized history of the Muirhead family (later Moorhead), in Scotland and Ireland from 1648 to 1764. The novel begins with Alexander Moorhead, ...Read Review

Chambers of the Sea

By Alan Vazquez - Published 2021



The sea is a place of legends and superstitions, none more so than with the Mary Celeste. The ship floats in a place ...Read Review

Six Mile Creek

By Gretchen Craig - Published 2021


In May 1835, the Brodie family are on their way to Ft. Brooke (Tampa) in search of a better life, away from the rising ...Read Review