Hadley Rille

The Gryphon at Bay

By Louise Turner - Published 2017


1489: Hugh, the Second Lord Montgomerie, has just lost his father and is now given substantial power as a member of the Privy Council, ...Read Review

A Villa Far from Rome

By Sheila Finch - Published 2017


AD 66: the Romans have conquered much of Britain, and the tribes live uncomfortably beside a powerful military force. Insurrections still occur, but some ...Read Review

Bad Bishop

By Irene Soldatos - Published 2016



1120 AD: A political chess game is begun when the Duke of Dijon is found murdered. Quickly, alliances are forged as the threat of ...Read Review

Three Great Lies

By Vanessa MacLellan - Published 2015



Three Great Lies starts in modern Egypt, with a tourist named Jeannette enticed to a newly uncovered tomb. Once there, she tumbles through ...Read Review

She Wrote on Clay

By Shirley Graetz - Published 2013


She Wrote on Clay depicts daily life in the ancient Mesopotamian city of Sippar with great detail and scholarly research. I enjoyed Graetz’...Read Review

Fire and Sword

By Louise Turner - Published 2013



In June 1488 two Scottish armies meet at Sauchieburn. The Sempills of Ellestoun fight for their king, but lose to the king’s son’...Read Review

Like Mayflies in a Stream

By Shauna Roberts - Published 2009



  Roberts retells ancient Mesopotamia’s Epic of Gilgamesh, the world’s first written tale. Gilgamesh, king of Uruk, oppresses his people until ...Read Review

The Priestess and the Slave

By Jenny Blackford - Published 2009


The stories of Thrasulla, one of Delphi’s sibyls in 491 BC, and of Harmonia, a slave in a household in Athens in 430 BC, ...Read Review