Gallery Books

The Forest of Vanishing Stars

By Kristin Harmel - Published 2021


Yona is a girl raised in the woods of Poland in near-isolation by a mysterious crone who kidnapped her from her parents at ...Read Review


By Mitchell James Kaplan - Published 2021


On a fateful evening in 1924, Kay Warburg reluctantly attends a concert to hear a piano concerto composed and played by songwriter George Gershwin. ...Read Review

The Last Garden in England

By Julia Kelly - Published 2021


Three women; three time periods. All connected by one garden. The storyline takes the reader to 1907, 1944, and the present, during which the women ...Read Review

The Book of Lost Names

By Kristin Harmel - Published 2020


The author of The Winemaker’s Wife has penned another phenomenal story set in France during World War II. The Book of Lost ...Read Review

Summer Darlings

By Brooke Lea Foster - Published 2020


In 1962, Brooklyn coed Heddy Winsome takes a summer job with an affluent family on Martha’s Vineyard as a nanny for their two ...Read Review

The Whispers of War

By Julia Kelly - Published 2020


Julia Kelly, author of The Light over London, offers up another fascinating insight into the lives of wartime women with The Whispers of ...Read Review

The Sisters of Summit Avenue

By Lynn Cullen - Published 2019


Sibling rivalry and its consequences are at the heart of this gripping character-driven novel set in the Midwest during the Depression era. Even ...Read Review

Temptation’s Darling

By Johanna Lindsey - Published 2019



There is rather a lot going on in this Regency romance. The main plotline follows the romantic relationship that develops between Vanessa Blackburn, ...Read Review

The Winemaker’s Wife

By Kristin Harmel - Published 2019


Straddling two time periods, The Winemaker’s Wife chronicles the little-known story of the French resistance in the Champagne region of France during ...Read Review

The Stationery Shop

By Marjan Kamali - Published 2019


Set primarily in 1953 Tehran, The Stationery Shop is where two teenagers meet and fall in love. But this isn’t just love, it ...Read Review