The Way Home (Bittersweet Legacy)

Written by Kay Brellend
Review by Clare Lehovsky

This is the third instalment of the Bittersweet Legacy series. Olivia Bone and Lieutenant Black declare their love for one another in this novel, but their happiness is short-lived when Lucas goes to the trenches in 1916. Livvie begins to doubt that she will ever fit into his world due to their differing status. Livvie throws herself into her work as a war nurse on the Western Front, and she realises that there is more danger to be had behind the scenes in a military hospital when two German soldiers are admitted. Throughout the novel Brelland keeps the readers informed of what happened in the last two novels, which helps them understand the plot in the third instalment. She creates the characters in such a way that the readers hope for their welfare and are against their enemies. The time period is accurate in detail, and the reader can easily imagine both North London and France in 1916 and 1918. Through Livvie’s story, we are invited to sympathise with the challenges faced by those at home and those who are fighting. A page-turning story, the book helps us understand the life-threatening circumstances war nurses faced in the First World War.