Indu Sundaresan

The Mountain of Light

By Indu Sundaresan - Published 2013


The Mountain of Light is the story of a diamond – the famous Kohinoor now on display in the Tower of London – spanning over ...Read Review

Shadow Princess

By Indu Sundaresan - Published 2010


Biographical Fiction

The norm in the 16th-century Mughal Indian imperial palace is for a lesser wife from the harem to become chief confidante of the ...Read Review

The Splendor of Silence

By Indu Sundaresan - Published 2006



India, 1942. American Sam Hawthorne, recovering from a wound received in Burma, turns up in the remote Indian state of Rudrakot. He asks permission ...Read Review

The Feast of Roses

By Indu Sundaresan - Published 2003


Biographical FictionSaga

“What is her attraction?” the courtiers wonder. Why has Emperor Jahangir married Mehrunnisa, the daughter of a treasurer? Granted, she is beautiful, but ...Read Review

The Twentieth Wife

By Indu Sundaresan - Published 2002


Biographical Fiction

In Mughal India, even the most powerful emperor always had one deadly enemy: his own son. In the late 1500s, the great Akbar ...Read Review