HNR Issue 104 (May 2023)

The Tiffany Girls

By Shelley Noble - Published 2023


At the end of the 19th century, Emilie Pascal is desperate to escape Paris because she fears the police are after her. Her ...Read Review

According To Her

By Anna Blasiak (trans.) - By Maciej Hen - Published 2022



If you could interview the mother of Yehoshua (Jesus), what might you ask? Maciej Hen envisions this in his novel, as 100-year-old Mariamne ...Read Review

Clayton Sharp: Life or Death

By Eugene J. DiCesaris - Published 2023



Fifty-one-year-old marshal Ray DeSean watches over the quiet Colorado town of Dead Elk. But, in the fall of 1867, trouble arrives. The Clayton Sharp ...Read Review

The Proxy Bride

By Zoe Boccabella - Published 2022


In the mid-20th century, thousands of proxy brides travelled from Italy to Australia to marry men who had emigrated but found there ...Read Review

Hemlock Hollow

By Culley Holderfield - Published 2022


Shortly after her father’s death, Caroline McAlister returns to the disused family cabin in the Carolina mountains where her happiest childhood memories ...Read Review

The Reluctant Baronet

By Elizabeth W. Watkins - Published 2023


Inspirational Romance

1811, England. Russell Parkinson, chemist and newly created baronet, despises London, although both he and his good friend hope he can use his knowledge ...Read Review

The Night Travelers

By Armando Lucas Correa - Published 2023



Berlin, 1931. A young German poet, Ally, falls in love with a Black German musician, Marcus. They have a daughter, Lilith. To avoid hateful ...Read Review

The Radcliffe Ladies’ Reading Club

By Julia Bryan Thomas - Published 2023


This novel is set in 1955 Cambridge. Alice Campbell, dislocated divorcée, has opened a small bookstore and initiated a reading club with four ...Read Review


By Sophia Holloway - Published 2022



Isabelle Wareham’s difficult relationship with her sister is exacerbated by the death of their father. The elder, Cornelia, already planning refurbishments to ...Read Review

Good Night, Irene

By Luis Alberto Urrea - Published 2023


Women traipsing through war-torn Europe dispensing coffee and donuts out of repurposed buses? The reader is creatively immersed in a little-known aspect of ...Read Review