HNR Issue 104 (May 2023)

A Girl Called Samson

By Amy Harmon - Published 2023


In 1770, 10-year-old Deborah Samson is bound out to a Puritan family in Middleborough, Massachusetts. The kindly Reverend Conant, charged with delivering her to ...Read Review

The Alewives (The Alewives of Colmar)

By Elizabeth R. Andersen - Published 2023



It took but a page or two for me to be fully invested in Gritta, one of the protagonists, in this entertaining read. ...Read Review

Where Coyotes Howl

By Sandra Dallas - Published 2023



Ellen Webster is a wide-eyed, naïve young woman who comes to the town of Wallace, Wyoming, in the early 20th century to ...Read Review

At the Hour Between Dog and Wolf

By Tara Ison - Published 2023


This book is a fascinating psychological study of how—in the face of systemized terror—it can be not only possible but necessary ...Read Review