HNR Issue 104 (May 2023)

An Orphan’s Wish (Blessed St Hilda’s Orphanage)

By Elizabeth Gill - Published 2022



Set in the north east of England, the novel begins at Christmas 1900, with Flo and Joshua Butler preparing for their usual solitary festive ...Read Review

The Gentleman in the Ash Tree (Allen Abbey Romances Book 1)

By Rosanne E. Lortz - Published 2023



When Eloise Blackburn discovers a stranger hiding in an ash tree, she is unconvinced that he really is the nephew of the neighboring ...Read Review

A Keeper of Tales (Grandmothers’ Footsteps Book 2)

By Marilyn Pemberton - Published 2022


Oxford, 1885: in this second novel of Pemberton’s Grandmother’s Footsteps series, following on from A Teller of Tales, vicar’s daughter Harriet ...Read Review

Code Name Elodie (Bletchley Park Girls)

By Anna Stuart - Published 2023



Blending fiction with historical figures, Code Name Elodie follows directly from its prequel The Bletchley Girls, documenting the latter half of the war, ...Read Review

Viviana Valentine Goes Up the River (A Girl Friday Mystery)

By Emily J. Edwards - Published 2023



1950, New York: Viviana Valentine, partner to Tommy Fortuna, New York’s top private investigator, heads north to Tarrytown when wealthy scientist Buster Beacon ...Read Review


By Kate Worsley - Published 2023


1934. Worn down by poverty, Lettie Radley arrives in Foxash, Essex, to join her out-of-work miner husband, Tommy. Their new smallholding may well be ...Read Review

Heart of the Nile (A Barker & Llewelyn Novel, 15)

By Will Thomas - Published 2023



When Elizabeth Addison braves the frigid cold of Christmas in 1893 to seek out the Barker & Llewelyn Private Enquiry Agency, she is beside ...Read Review

A Noble Cunning

By Patricia Bernstein - Published 2023


When Jacobite leaders Mar, Winton, and Derwentwater arrive at the Glentaggart home, Bethan knows immediately that her husband, Gavin, a staunch Catholic, will ...Read Review

Out of Ireland

By Marian O'Shea Wernicke - Published 2023


1935 St. Louis is the setting for a brief prologue in which family matriarch Eileen lies dying, but the story turns quickly to 1867 Cork, ...Read Review

Keeper of the Queen’s Jewels: A Novel of Jane Seymour

By Adrienne Dillard - Published 2022


Biographical Fiction

Henry VIII of England married Jane Seymour nine days after beheading Anne Boleyn. Not much is known of Jane except that she bore ...Read Review