Robert J. Conley

Wil Usdi: Thoughts from the Asylum, A Cherokee Novella

By Robert J. Conley - Published 2015


Biographical Fiction

This book presents the lightly fictionalized biography of William Holland Thomas – an Appalachian frontier boy adopted by the Cherokee Tribe, who became an ...Read Review

Cherokee Thoughts, Honest and Uncensored

By Robert J. Conley - Published 2008



Novelist Robert J. Conley explores his own heritage in this nonfiction collection of essays about the Cherokee people, their history and culture. In ...Read Review

Medicine War

By Robert J. Conley - Published 2001



In Medicine War, the good guys wear white, the bad guys wear black, the violence is swift and detached from human emotion, and ...Read Review

Spanish Jack

By Robert J. Conley - Published 2001



This is the eleventh book in the acclaimed Real People series that describes the history of the Cherokee Nation (“The Real People”) from ...Read Review

The Real People Series

By Robert J. Conley - Published 2000



Individual titles are: The Way of the Priests (ISBN 0806132728), The Dark Way (0806132736), The White Path (0806132744), The Way South (0806132752), The Long Way Home (0806132760), The ...Read Review